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Boones Ferry Road
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Connector Corridor Plan

Project overview

Update: At their December 19 meeting, Wilsonville City Council unanimously approved the preferred alignment for the Boones Ferry to Road to Brown Road Corridor Connector based upon the technical review and recommendation made by staff. The alignment selected will eventually connect Brown Road to Boones Ferry Road at 5th Street after designs have been finalized.

The City of Wilsonville has completed a study to establish a preferred alignment for a new east-west corridor connection. This connection will link Boones Ferry Road to Brown Road as part of long-standing plans to increase connectivity between neighborhoods as the community grows and develops. Once built, this connector will alleviate motor vehicle congestion on Wilsonville Road between Boones Ferry and Brown Road, improve pedestrian and bicyclist routes, and minimize environmental impacts while supporting the local economy and businesses by filling a gap within the roadway network.

This project is needed to meet the forecasted mobility demands projected for 2035 as part of the City’s Transportation System Plan, Urban Renewal Plan, and Comprehensive Plan. The connection will also provide more direct routes for emergency responders, while at the same time, balancing environmental resources, industrial and rail access, and economic development needs.

The Plan will also identify and consider property owners’ short-term and long-term plans for their property and associated transportation needs and concerns. This project is funded through the City’s approved FY 2015/16 budget, with additional funding anticipated to be included in the FY 2016/17 budget.

More information

Download and view additional documents about the project, including planning maps, technical reports, and public involvement summaries.

Project goals and desired outcomes

The new east-west Connector will enhance residential and commercial uses and promote public safety by fulfilling the following project goals:

Create the foundation for a great place to live, work, and enjoy.

The Connector will knit together the surrounding land and environment to support existing and planned development that enhances Wilsonville’s vibrant economy and quality of life.

Multi-modal corridor.

Design the corridor for safe and comfortable travel by auto, truck, bus, bicycle, walking, or through use of mobility devices. The alignment should minimize conflicts between pedestrians, bicycle riders, and freight vehicles.

Minimize environmental impacts.

Minimize impacts to Coffee Creek and other natural resources related to sensitive lands.

Support existing residents and businesses.

The Connector will serve and enhance the residential and commercial development in the Old Town neighborhood, east of the railroad tracks. The alignment should improve access, economic growth, and livability for the study area.

The Connector will also serve the existing industrial uses on the west side of the railroad tracks. The alignment should provide mobility and access for trucks serving the existing businesses in the Industrial Way area.

Accommodate redevelopment of the land according to the Comprehensive Plan.

The Connector will be located on land where major industrial uses operate today, and considerable potential exists for new development.

Consider the Ice Age Tonquin Trail.

The southernmost segment of this regional trail will connect from the existing trail at the Water Treatment Park to Boones Ferry Road, then south to the planned French Prairie Bridge over the Willamette River. The Connector’s alignment should consider and help facilitate this future connection.


This map shows the final two route alternatives, each with its own set of trade-offs pertaining to creek and railroad crossings and impacts to traffic, industry, and property owners. Based on the recommendation by the planning and engineering team, City Council adopted SW 5th Street as the preferred connection to Boones Ferry Road.

Click icons and shapes for more information; use the layers menu to show or hide map features; click "Reset" to re-center the map.

2016 Project Timeline

Next Steps

This study, to identify a preferred alignment of a new road between Brown Road and Boones Ferry Road, was completed in December 2016. In 2017 the City will hire an engineering consultant to conduct preliminary roadway design and to pursue the required permitting from Federal and State agencies. The design process will include opportunities for the public to weigh in on design details for the intersection of 5th Street and Boones Ferry Road, including pedestrian and bicycle facilities, streetscape improvements, and traffic mitigation techniques.

With approval and permits, the final roadway design will be produced and the necessary right-of-way and easements will be purchased from landowners. A construction contractor will be hired through the standard City and State bidding process. Road construction is expected to begin in 2018 and be completed in 2019.

It is important to note that the City has budgeted $7 million for funding this project, including design, permitting, right-of-way acquisition and construction. The City believes this funding will be insufficient to construct the entire project and we anticipate moving forward with only the eastern portion of the alignment, extending Kinsman Road south and constructing the connecting road east from Kinsman Road to Boones Ferry Road. It is anticipated that the western portion of the alignment, from Kinsman Road west to Brown Road, will be constructed as part of private development expected to occur in this largely residential portion of the Arrowhead Creek Planning Area.

Frequently asked questions

According to the traffic modeling performed by the City's traffic engineer, over the next 20 years travel times on Wilsonville Road will increase as the number of people traveling in and through Wilsonville increases. The future road between Boones Ferry Road and Brown Road is expected to alleviate some of that travel time by providing an alternative route for people other than Wilsonville Road. Local traffic will not all have to mix with the vehicles accessing I-5 or the east side of Wilsonville. By drawing some of the trips off of Wilsonville Road, eastbound travel time would improve by 13 seconds and westbound travel time by seven seconds.

The City has set aside $9 million in funding generated by the Westside Urban Renewal District to construct Phase 1 of the project (which will extend between Boones Ferry Road and Kinsman Road). If needed, additional funding to construct Phase 1 can be allocated from other city funds, such as system development charges, for new underground sewer and water utilities. The City may also set up a Reimbursement District, which will require that property owners reimburse the City for improvements at the time of redevelopment. Phase 2 of the project (between Kinsman Road and Brown Road) would be constructed as part of the development of the surrounding undeveloped land.

Please note that no property owners in Wilsonville are being asked to pay for the costs of the Connector at this time.

The new road will be constructed in two phases:

  • Phase 1: The segment from Boones Ferry Road to Kinsman Road and the extension of Kinsman Road south to the new road. This Phase will include the two required bridge crossings of Coffee Lake Creek. The City expects to begin design and environmental permitting in January 2017 and construct this phase in 2018.
  • Phase 2: Kinsman Road to the Wilsonville Road/Brown Road intersection. The timing of this phase will depend on the property owners initiating the process for planning and permitting development of currently vacant lands.

The project will include a signalized intersection with the Kinsman Road extension. This will allow the Ice Age Tonquin Trail to finally connect from where it currently dead-ends near the Wilsonville Water Treatment Plant, cross Kinsman at a signalized intersection, and proceed east to Boones Ferry Road.

Additionally, the new road will be designed to encourage all ages and abilities to comfortably walk and ride between neighborhoods and destinations such as Fred Meyer and Boones Ferry Park.

The project does not include any changes to zoning, planned land use, or City road standards. The project intends to implement elements of the Old Town Neighborhood Plan. That Plan calls for Boones Ferry Road in the study area to be a Main Street and "viable commercial area". There was an extensive design process conducted for the Boones Ferry Road streetscape. The streetscape plan and recommendations for Boones Ferry Road describe sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides of Boones Ferry between Bailey and 5th. In the residential part of Boones Ferry south of 4th, and elsewhere in the neighborhood, the recommendation is to "maintain the casual, curb-less street".

This area, recently named the Arrowhead Creek Planning Area, is generally planned to be residential lots on the northwest, and industrial uses on the south and east. Specific master planning for lots, detailed zoning, and local access has not yet happened.

When the Fred Meyer Transportation Impact Study was done in 2008 the Wilsonville Road southbound on-ramp to I-5 had an existing traffic volume count of around 1,200 vehicles per hour during the PM Peak Hour Period (one hour of time between 4 and 6 pm). Future traffic volume, including existing traffic, traffic generated by other approved projects in the City, and traffic related to the new Old Town Square businesses, was estimated to be around 1,400 vehicles per hour. To accommodate the anticipated increase in traffic the City and ODOT completed major improvements on Boones Ferry Road, Wilsonville Road and all four interchange on- and off-ramps.

In 2008 no one at the City or at DKS Associates (the traffic engineer) had knowledge that ODOT would install an on-ramp meter with a 1,260 vehicle per hour cap. When the freeway flows well and the on-ramp is not congested and backed up onto Wilsonville Road, the traffic flow on Boones Ferry Road/ Wilsonville Road/Town Center Loop West also works well and as anticipated. Traffic problems on Wilsonville Road are created with congestion on I-5 and the on-ramp.

How you can provide input

Property owner and community engagement is important to the success of the Boones Ferry Road to Brown Road Connector Corridor plan. Members of the public can provide input to the project team through the project website, stakeholder interviews and open houses. Join the project mailing list to receive email updates.

For more information, contact:

Adrienne DeDona
Public Involvement Specialist
JLA Public Involvement

Steve R. Adams, P.E.
Development Engineering Manager
City of Wilsonville